Our Story

About Poodle Club

How we got our start

My name is Kit and I am the co-creator of Poodle Club, your one-stop shop for Poodle cross Puppy and Dog information. We welcome and love ALL Poodle Mix and pure Poodles. We love ALL family dogs.

We love hypoallergenic dogs and all family-friendly dogs – and want your puppy to be a happy healthy, fun-loving member of your pack.


Why We Research and Teach

There is SO much to learn, enjoy and experience about non-shedding dog ownership. We have trained our dog, met friendly dogs of all types, and investigated the best techniques, healthcare tips, equipment, and toys for Doodle and Poodle dogs

Our Mission

Provide the BEST and friendliest space for Poodle and Poodle Mix lovers. We love Doodles, and we love Poodles!

We will share accurate and well-written information about both Poodle mixes AND all family dogs with the world.