Best Poodle Rescues in Texas (2024 Update)

If three words could best describe the Poodle, those three words would be proud, elegant, and clever. This breed will find a way to be the best show winner in many beauty and obedience competitions.

However, no matter how intelligent and beautiful this breed is, some people will find a reason to abandon, injure or surrender them, and this is where rescues come in.

best poodle rescues in texas
What are the best Poodle rescues in Texas?

If you are from the lone star state of Texas and are looking for a Poodle rescue center, whether mixed or purebred, this article is for you. We have listed around ten rescue centers all around Texas. Some dedicate themselves to rescuing Poodles exclusively, while others rescue doodles exclusively.

Either way, you will know where to look first.

Wherever you are, a Poodle is waiting for you to take them home!

Best Poodle Rescues In Texas

1. The Bluebonnet Poodle Club

If you are around the Houston, Texas area and would like to adopt or rescue a Poodle for your household, The Bluebonnet Poodle Club should be your first stop. It also serves outside of the Houston area.

proud black poodle in texas
A proud standard all-black Poodle in Texas

The Bluebonnet Poodle Club is also a dedicated Poodle breeder. Its goal is to support, rescue, and ensure the adoption of many abandoned Poodles around their area.

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Aside from their mission and goal to ensure the quality of the breed in their breeding program. They also opened their space and kennel to rehabilitate, rescue, and rehome the Poodles. They ensure the Poodles are in tiptop shape and in the best state of mind so they get a second chance at finding a forever home. 

The Bluebonnet Poodle Club also allows membership and training, so do not hesitate to contact them via their website if you have further questions. Your next Poodle rescue might be under their wing.

Contact Details:


Address: Houston, Texas

2. Poodle Rescue of Houston

The Bluebonnet Poodle Club tapped for volunteers for their rescued Poodles. Guinnette Peebles heeded that call and donated about an acre of their land to take care of the rescue Poodles. In 1999, their rescue came to be known throughout the Lone Star State as the home of Poodle Rescue of Houston.

They have at least 50 dogs in their program at a time and more in times of emergencies, so they also encourage volunteering and donating to their cause. Aside from the Poodles, they also rehabilitate and rehome Poodle mixes and honorary Poodles.

With 17 years under their belt as a dedicated Poodle rescue, they have saved and rehomed thousands of dogs in Texas and outside its neighboring states.

Whether the dogs are stray, injured, abandoned, or have special needs, the doors of Poodle Rescue of Houston are open for all of them.

Contact Details:


Address: Poodle Rescue of Houston 13302 Schroeder Rd. Houston, TX 77070

E-mail: [email protected] 

3. Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness caters to a number of pets like dogs. The breed does not matter, whether it’s a Great Dane, a Boxer, or the occasional Poodle.

gray miniature poodle
A Mini Poodle (gray coat) standing in grass looking radiant

Their group of volunteers realized their vision of a shelter for all stray and homeless pets in 1976. And now, they are still dedicated to that shared goal of kindness to animals.

Operation Kindness caters to the sheltering, medical care needs, and feeding of all the pets in their shelter. They also ensure that each homeless animal finds a new second home that will be loving and take care of every need.

This network of volunteers operating from just their homes came to construct a shelter in 2018 to accommodate more animals.

Every animal should be able to experience a good quality of life in a loving home, and Operation Kindness ensures they achieve that goal.

Contact Details:


Address: 3201 Earhart Dr. Carrollton, Texas 75006

Contact Number: 972 418 7297

4. IDOG Rescue, Inc.

It is an unfortunate phenomenon, but most abandoned dogs are often mixed breed. Mixing the Poodle with another dog breed will give you intelligent, adorable, and often hypoallergenic pets that will be a great addition to your household. 

But, sometimes, even the cutest dogs get abandoned. That is where IDOG Rescue, Inc comes in.

IDOG Rescue is a rescue and home dedicated to the Poodle mix of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. They have been doing this job since 2006. They intend to continue until people stop abandoning Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.

IDOG Rescue works closely with many animal centers and pulls the Doodles as quickly as they come in. This is to ensure that every one of them will have a higher chance of acquiring their next forever home.

They do not discriminate on the basis of the Doodle mix or their coat or heartworm status. If the Doodles have medical or behavioral problems, IDOG Rescue is certain that they will be able to provide medical care and rehabilitation. This, in turn, gives these rescues a higher chance of successfully going to loving homes.

Contact Details:


Address: 6711 Stella Link Road Houston, Texas 77005

E-mail: [email protected] 

5. Dandy Doodle Rescue

Dandy Doodle Rescue is another rescue dedicated to taking care of the Poodle mixes located in Dallas, Texas. Their collective mission is to rescue, take care, rehabilitate and rehome each Doodle dog to help them adapt to safe and loving forever homes around the state of Texas.

poodle with a toothbrush
A cute brown Poodle with a toothbrush. Periodontal disease and gum troubles do impact Poodles! Like many dogs Poodles have black gums.

The Dandy Doodle Rescue provides training and all the veterinary care each Doodle needs so that every one of them will have the chance to overcome the trauma they have experienced in their past homes.

Doodles often come into their shelters injured, severely matted, and malnourished. Dandy Doodle tends to them immediately with medical assessment, grooming, and behavioral attention to make the transition to their future homes easier.

The care and dedication of several volunteers make it possible for the organization to have a network not just in Dallas but around every county and city in Texas.

Contact Details:


Address: Dallas, Texas 75243

E-mail: [email protected] 

6. PAWS Shelter of Central Texas

PAWS Shelter of Central Texas is a loving shelter providing love and care to many abused, homeless, and abandoned pets in Central Texas, from cats to dogs of many breeds. PAWS is a no-kill shelter, and they will welcome whatever pets enter their doors, no matter if they have behavioral or medical problems.

poodle getting brushed
Using a blunt comb to groom and style a Mini brown Poodle dog

The shelter provides attention and love to each of the animals, and in terms of caring for them, they do a lot. PAWS offers many abandoned pets veterinary care; they also spay and neuter if the animals require them. This is their solution to help resolve the crisis of pet overpopulation.

For behavioral problems, they test for temperament and training when the animals need them, so they find it easier to place them in new homes. PAWS also provide behavioral assistance for the newly rescued pets that leave their rescue shelter.

PAWS also goes the extra mile to visit local community groups and many schools around the state to educate the community on being responsible pet owners. Truly an organization dedicated to the cause of fur babies.

Contact Details:


Location: 500 FM 150 East Kyle, Texas 78640 or 2965 FM 165 Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

E-mail: [email protected] 

Contact Number: 521 268 1611

7. SPCA of East Texas Adoption Center

With an experience of 84 years under its belt, the SPCA of Texas is the longest-running animal welfare agency in the whole of North Texas. Its mission is to provide every pet with superb care so that they get adopted into loving homes. Their expertise and their dedication to their mission keep them running.

curly Poodle stands outdoors
A curly Poodle stands alone outdoors waiting for the owner.

The SPCA of Texas runs with the money that people staying in their area donate to their cause to combat the many pet problems. They are also a no-kill shelter that euthanizes only if the animals need it as an end-of-the-road option. This is in cases of extreme sickness to prevent further suffering and hardship.

Each rescue and stray will receive life-saving care and rehabilitation when they need it. They receive medical and behavioral corrections.

Aside from rescuing many animals, SPCA also investigates reports of abuse, neglect, illegal breeding, hoarding, animal fighting, and many other claims together with the local law enforcement of the area.

Contact Details:


Address: 2400 Lone Star Dr. Dallas, Texas 75212

E-mail: [email protected] 

Contact Number: 214 742 7722

8. Humane Society Central Texas

The Humane Society is a nonprofit that rescues animals all around Central Texas. They also have a network of rescue partners outside of Central Texas that take lifesaving measures to rehabilitate abused, abandoned, injured, and homeless stray animals in the state.

small poodle puppy playing with big toy
Brown Poodle puppy playing with a large soccer ball. Gotta admire the enthusiasm! Adult Poodles are active but calmer than when they are a puppy.

The Humane Society is home to a number of cat and dog breeds. You will find the occasional Poodle who needs a forever home in this rescue, every now and then.

The Human Society has a professional Pet Matchmaker in their midst to help you find your next best friend. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your lifestyle, and they will do their best to match you with an ideal pet.

Aside from their rehabilitation and adoption program for the pets, they also welcome foster parents who can take in an animal from 3 days to up to 3 months, depending on the animal’s needs.

The Humane Society will give you a fully supported at-home training program that you can run through with your pet. This will make sure that they have a higher chance of being adopted once they are ready to be rehomed.

If you are on the fence about wanting to commit to having a permanent pet, fostering is a great option, and we are sure that you will fall in love with the pet in no time!

Contact Details:


Address: 2032 Circle Road Waco, Texas 76706

E-mail: [email protected] 

Contact Number: 254 754 1454

9. Fuzzy Friends Rescue

The Fuzzy Friends Rescue always acts in line with its belief that each animal or pet deserves to lead the best quality of life with families that respect them and are compassionate about their needs. As humans have domesticated dogs, we have a moral responsibility to take care of each of them, and this is where the rescue comes in.

white and gray labradoodle sitting
A patient white and gray Labradoodle sits waiting for its owner. One of the best Poodle mixes for a home with children.

The Fuzzy Friends Rescue provides each abandoned, stray, unwanted, and surrendered pet with the medical treatment, training, and love they need. This helps give the dogs the best chance to find a second home. They also make people aware of the need to be responsible pet owners and make them realize the joys of having this forever companion.

Aside from the medical attention, they also provide basic obedience classes for all their rescues so they can easily adapt to their future forever homes.

Contact Details:


Address: 6321 Airport Road Waco, Texas 76708

E-mail: [email protected] 

Contact Number: 254 754 9444

10. Saving Hope Rescue

The Saving Hope animal shelter ensures that every pet that comes into their shelter will have a voice. They make sure that their pets feel the love and care they missed out on. They ensure the dogs have their days filled with kindness and naps on the couch.

Teacup Poodle with harness
A Poodle runs towards the owner.

They believe every one of these animals deserves these little joys and shouldn’t have to live with pain and suffering.

Aside from helping the animals medically and with their training, Saving Hope is also keen on educating the community on how to be better stewards and owners of pets.

They believe in spaying and neutering all their pets. They trust that this will not only lessen the population problem for stray dogs but also ensure that no dog mother will be left behind.

Contact Details:


Address: Fort Worth, Texas

E-mail: [email protected] 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, ten animal rescues you can find your next Poodle pet in.

Once you find the perfect Poodle to take home, some rescues will require fees or run checks to ensure you can provide well for the pet. Once that is all done and over with, you can simply stay at home and cuddle with your Poodle all weekend long! 

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