Best Poodle Breeders in New Jersey (2024)

Poodles are highly intelligent dogs who are social and make an excellent addition to any home. In addition, their hair is unlike other breeds, giving them the advantage of being a better dog for owners who suffer from allergies.

If you are looking for Poodle breeders in New Jersey, you are in luck. This area has several to choose from, ensuring that you will find one that has the attributes you want in your new pet. Often, potential owners must pay a deposit to get a spot on a waitlist for upcoming litters, so it may take time to bring home your new best friend.

best poodle breeders in new jersey

The Top 9 Poodle Breeders in New Jersey

Choosing a reputable breeder is critical when looking for a new dog. Although breeders have a higher cost than other sources, you will be confident of many elements when selecting a Poodle from one. For example, your pet will have a pre-screening of its parents, receive the proper health checks and vaccinations, and often come with a guarantee.

Toy Poodles held by owner
The Toy Poodle puppies held by owner in her arms.

Here are the top nine Poodle breeders in New Jersey if you want to add this terrific breed to your family.  

  1. Bella’s Red Toy Poodle
  2. City Lights Standard Poodles 
  3. Ever After Poodles
  4. Firebrook Poodles
  5. Light ‘N Lively Miniature Poodles
  6. Mount Bethel Poodles
  7. Nobility Poodles
  8. Poco A Poco Toy Poodles
  9. Scheherazade New Jersey Standard Poodles

1. Bella’s Red Toy Poodle

If you love the deep red color of a Poodle, Bella’s Red Toy Poodle is a specialized breeder in the New Jersey area. She is an AKC registered breeder in Flushing, New York, and owns the sire and dam for the litters.

red poodle puppies
Happy red Poodle puppies

These smaller puppies are raised in the home and are bred for color, size, and temperament. Each pup will come with AKC registration, first vaccinations, deworming, and a 30-day health guarantee. You can text (929) 462-6816, email [email protected], or fill out an online application for a new puppy.  

2. City Lights Standard Poodles

City Lights Standard Poodles offers healthy Standard Poodles in the New Jersey region.

Ready to Adopt
Puppyspot Poodle Adoption

PuppySpot is a reputable dog marketplace where you can browse and find compatible puppies right from the comfort of your home. They have placed over 200,000 puppies into homes in the US!

See Poodle Puppies Available
Poodles sleep beside each other
The new puppies are sleeping beside each other. (Image: Instagram/@tawstandardpoodles)

Their dogs range in color, including:

  • Apricot
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Parti

The puppies receive a Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test at 7-weeks-old to determine their temperament. Both parents have intensive genetic testing, and the results are available to view.

All new puppies come with a microchip, a health guarantee, and lifetime support for adoptive owners. You can reach City Lights Standard Poodles by calling (917) 699-1601, emailing [email protected], or filling out an online contact form.

3. Ever After Poodles

Ever After Poodles is a family-run breeder that sits in Vineland, New Jersey, and offers DNA Health Tested AKC Standard Poodles. All adoptable puppies are sold with a limited AKC registration and come with a spay/neuter contract. However, the option for a breeding contract is a possible option that you can discuss before the final sale.

Standard Poodle puppy outdoors
A Standard Poodle puppy stands outdoors looking for his ball.

New puppies from Ever After Poodles come with their first vaccinations, AKC registration paperwork, a health guarantee, a copy of the parent’s DNA test report, and a puppy kit of starter essentials. Contact them through the online web form for more information.

4. Firebrook Poodles

Firebrook Poodles is a reputable AKC Breeder of Merit for Standard and Miniature Poodles. All of the puppies come with a limited AKC registration. In addition, they are members of the William Penn Poodle Club and Burlington County Kennel Club.

red Miniature Poodle sits
A red Miniature Poodle sits on the floor. (Image: Instagram/@minimrmilo)

These Poodles come in several colors: white, cream, silver, blue, and black. All puppies they offer come from champion bloodlines and are bred for looks and personality, for owners to have the very best in a new best friend.

You can contact Firebrook Poodles by calling Nola at (609) 268- 5572, emailing [email protected] (preferred) or [email protected], or by submitting a request through their online contact form.  

5. Light ‘N Lively Miniature Poodles

Light ‘N Lively Miniature Poodles are in Staten Island, New York, and breed for high quality and temperament. Joan Markowitz has focused on breeding mainly white and black for the past 40 years.

tan Poodle mini
A tan Mini Poodle is lying down on the carpet.

One notable aspect of Light ‘N Lively Miniature Poodles is that they receive distemper/parainfluenza vaccines and the five-in-one DHPP combination puppy vaccines. However, they don’t receive the Leptospirosis vaccination because the line is allergic to the vaccine.

All puppies come with limited AKC registration, health check and certificate, microchipping, deworming, and a portion of their current food. You can reach Light ‘N Lively Miniature Poodles by calling (718) 948-7186 or emailing [email protected].

6. Mount Bethel Poodles

Mount Bethel Poodles regularly offers standard and occasionally miniature puppies for sale. Their dogs are bred for optimal health, temperament, and conformation. In addition, they receive proper socialization and stimulation, so all puppies are acclimated to many everyday sounds and activities.

brown standard size Poodle
Tan coat Poodle on gray concrete floor. A larger standard size Poodle.

They are an AKC Breeder of Merit and focus on exceptional attributes, including intelligence, and a well-rounded personality, making the ideal companion. In addition, Mount Bethel Poodles strive for the highest breed structure and balance standards.

You can reach Mount Bethel Poodles by filling out an online puppy application for an upcoming litter.

7. Nobility Poodles

Nobility Poodles in New Jersey breeds Standard Poodles that have been breeding dogs since 1975 and focusing on this breed since 1990. Their love for these non-shedding dogs that do not emit an odor motivates them to provide exceptional Poodles that make the best companions while carrying the best attributes of the breed.

Standard Poodle on the floor
The Standard Poodle sits on the floor with a soft rug. (Image: Instagram/@zukothepoodle)

Their puppies are raised in the home around children and receive proper socialization and introduction to everyday life with humans. In addition, nobility Poodles’ puppies come with up-to-date vaccinations and health checks with a record.

You can call them at (609) 410-1333 to leave a message or email [email protected] for more information.

8. Poco A Poco Toy Poodles

Poco A Poco Toy Poodles is one part of a reputable breeding family that offers Toy Poodles, Miniature Pinschers, and Maltese breeds. Currently, there are 25 American Champion Poodles from Poco A Poco, with many more in the show ring.

woman carries Toy Poodle
A woman carries her Toy Poodle for a cuddle time.

All Poco A Poco Toy Poodles puppies carry exceptional gene characteristics, including proper bone structure and balance. In addition, each breeding dam and sire undergo annual health screenings and receive DNA checks for any health concerns.

You can reach them by calling (609) 426-0559 or emailing at [email protected].

9. Scheherazade Poodles New Jersey Standard Poodles

As an owner and breeder of Poodles since 1967, Linda Howard settled on offering exceptional Standard Poodles for dog lovers in 1986. They are an AKC Breeder of Merit and have champions with the AKC, CAN, and UKC.

Cedar the Standard Poodle
Cedar posed for a camera shot with a board introducing as a new family member. (Image: Instagram/@cedar_adventurepoodle)

The goal of Scheherazade Poodles New Jersey is to breed dogs that contain exceptional characteristics, are health, happy, and well-rounded as excellent companions for a home.

You can reach them by calling (732) 262-3649 or emailing at [email protected].

Poodle Breeders in New Jersey: The Wrap Up

It can be challenging to decide between Poodle breeders in New Jersey when you want to add a new puppy to your home. However, responsible pet owners should take the time to interview potential breeders, ask for health certificates, and ensure they have proper documentation and contracts in place when taking home their pup.

Bringing home a Poodle is a long-term investment. While you need to put in the time and effort for training and proper diet and care, it is worthwhile when you have a lovable best friend with you.

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