What Age Do Poodles Calm Down?

So you’ve decided to adopt a doggo furbaby. Is your new furry family member a Poodle? If so, have you noticed that your Poodle can get way too hyper?

You might wonder how to get your dog to chill out. As a Poodle expert who has worked with Poodle and Doodle dogs for nearly a decade, I’ve noticed that they tend to be full of energy in their younger years. So, at what age do Poodles calm down?

at what age do poodles calm down
At what age do Poodles calm down?

In the guide below, I will outline all the reasons why a Poodle might act too hyper, the reasons behind their energetic behavior, and the strategies you can take to calm down your canine. 

Are Poodles Full of Energy?

Since the Poodle has its origins as a hunting dog, it has plenty of energy and will not tire quickly. Poodles like to play fetch and could play the game for hours. You’ll also find that Poodles love swimming and playing training games.

Teacup Poodle with harness
A Poodle runs towards the owner.

Yet, the Toy Poodle tends to tire out more quickly and doesn’t have quite as much energy as a standard-sized Poodle. You’ll need to make sure your Poodle gets plenty of exercise every day to help expend all that energy.

Standard-sized Poodles tend to make great running partners, while the smaller varieties are a great pal to take on a hike in the woods. 

What Makes Your Poodle Too ‘Extra’?

One of the main reasons your Poodle may act a bit too hyper is its origins. This breed initially served as hunting dogs, which is why they have so much energy. 

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toy poodle on the beach
The bounding leap of a Poodle enjoying the beach

As working dogs on farms or large properties, Poodles take part in work activities and require a high energy level since these tasks are very tiring.

Today, Poodles are not usually hunting dogs or used for retrieving things at a farm. Poodles are now family pets, and they tend to have too much energy since they’re not required to hunt or work all day.

Why Does Your Poodle Act So Hyper? 

Your Poodle may act too hyper because you haven’t had a chance to get your dog outside for a run or walk. Too much hyperactivity may occur if your dog isn’t getting enough exercise

chocolate toy poodle
Lead and clicker training for a Miniature Poodle puppy in the garden.

Since these canines have origins as hunting dogs, they need to go on runs or hikes. At the very least, you should take your dog for regular walks to ensure the Poodle doesn’t act too hyper in your home. 

Your dog may lack enough enrichment toys to keep them occupied. Give your Poodle plenty of toys. Playing expends energy.

I suggest chew toys and a few colorful balls. Snuffle mats are another great way to occupy your pup. Fifteen minutes of snuffling equals about a half-hour walk.

Are Poodles Aggressive?

Poodles are not usually aggressive, but they can get angry or aggressive when something goes wrong or when they get scared. For instance, some Poodles may start barking and growling or baring their teeth if a tall stranger shows up on your doorstep.

Poodle angry and barking
A Poodle gets angry and barking at the owner.

If your Poodle gets too aggressive, you can train them using positive reinforcement strategies to desensitize them towards triggers.

What Age Do Poodles Calm Down?

The answer to that question can get rather complicated. Poodles don’t necessarily have a single age when they’re much calmer. Some dogs become more peaceful at a younger age, while others take longer to alleviate their hyperactivity. 

black poodle at the beach
The curly black coat of a Poodle at the beach. Poodles LOVE water

It will depend on your dog and the amount of work you do to train the pup. Sometimes, with enough training, a Poodle can have a more even temperament as early as 18 months. At other times, Poodles can turn two, three, four, or possibly five years old before they calm down.

Do Toy Poodles or Miniature Poodles Ever Calm Down?

Toy Poodles become adult dogs at one year of age. At that point, they’re much more likely to calm down and show less hyperactivity. Their energy levels are likely to decline.

You need to ensure that Toy Poodles get a good workout to keep their energy levels low and to keep the doggo healthy. 

Miniature Poodles are very similar, and they tend to calm down once they reach adulthood at one year of age. Nonetheless, you’ll need to ensure your pup gets exercise and mental stimulation to keep the dog from getting too hyper.

What Calms the Most Hyper Poodles?

The easiest ways to calm down even the most energetic and hyper Poodles include providing plenty of exercises and mentally stimulating games or toys.

naughty poodle has caused a mess parti mini
Naughty Poodle dog with sock in the mouth.

If your Poodle is a small puppy and is acting overexcited, then he may need to get a nap in. Puppies need at least 18 hours of sleep per day and sometimes even 20 hours. As such, provide your puppy with a quiet area where they can calm down and sleep.

You should also train your puppy to follow a specific command that shows you need them to calm down. That could become very important during a Zoom meeting or at dinner.

The Best Ways to Mentally and Physically Stimulate a Poodle

There are several ways to mentally stimulate your dog, such as puzzle toys or providing a food-dispensing toy. You should also spend time with your canine and teach them some new tricks. That will stimulate a dog’s brain. 

selection of dog toys
The right selection of dog toys is important to keep your dog safe and happy!

Learning new commands will help your dog become more confident as well. Another great way to boost your dog’s mental and physical stimulation is by building an obstacle course for your pup to run around. For physical stimulation, play a game of fetch with your pup. 

Dog Toys May Help Calm Down Your Poodle

Puzzle toys are great at capturing the attention of many dogs, Poodles included. Most puzzle toys have places to add treats inside so that your pup can use their nose to figure out scents and get tasty treats for solving the puzzle.

Some toys are made specifically with a space where you can hide a treat. You can also get some chew toys or balls for your pup to play with and get their energy out. Toys will help calm down your Poodle.

The Importance of Exercising Your Dog

Make sure to take your dog on hikes or runs to get exercise and wear his energy out. Exercise is essential for Poodles, and other dogs since it keeps them healthy, keeps their bones and muscles strong, and evens out their temperament

parti toy poodle puppy
Portrait of little parti Poodle dog with curly fur sitting at the park with her owner

Take your pup on a daily run or, at the very least, on one or two long walks every day. That should help reduce the dog’s hyperactivity. 

Daily Walks are Useful

If you have a Toy Poodle or a Miniature Poodle, they may not need to go on runs as much, but you will need to take them on long walks every day. You may even want to take them on a hike in the woods. 

You’ll need to train them to walk with a leash in the beginning. If you’re stuck at work too much, you may want to hire a dog walker. 

Essentially, daily walks are beneficial for any type of Poodle. 

How Do You Discipline a Poodle?

You’ll need to follow a few simple strategies to discipline your puppy.

leaping white Poodle jump
A Toy Poodle pulls off an amazing jump for a ball

The techniques include:

  • Staying consistent.
  • Remaining inflexible or firm to show authority.
  • Providing positive reinforcement.
  • Giving your dog timeouts or isolating the pooch when behavior is unacceptable.

Try to discipline a dog the second the pup starts misbehaving. Remaining prompt with consequences is the best option. Lastly, you may consider sending your dog to obedience training school.

Why You Should Consider Obedience Training?

The many benefits of obedience training school include:

  • Socializing your dog and teaching them good skills for behavior and temperament.
  • Keeping your dog safe from other pups’ possible aggression.
  • Improving the relationship between you and your dog.
  • Removing destructive behaviors from your canine’s temperament while providing mentally stimulating tasks.
  • Keeping your pooch physically fit and mentally stable.

These are the primary reasons you should consider sending your Poodle to obedience training school. My Poodle’s behavior improved dramatically after obedience training.

The Final Woof

Hopefully, our nifty little guide helped you understand why your Poodle gets hyperactive, the age Poodles start to calm down, and ways to help your doggo use their energy!

three Toy Poodles in the garden
Three Toy Poodles sit on luggage placed in the flower garden.

The takeaway here is: 

  • People bred Poodles initially to serve as hunting dogs.
  • Toys, snuffle mats, and walks are great ways to expend your pup’s energy.
  • Obedience training is never amiss.

Now, go enjoy playing with your calm and happy Poodle!

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