5 Best Poodle Breeders in Sydney (2024 Update)

There’s nothing quite like welcoming a new furry friend into your home. If you’ve been dreaming of bringing a Poodle into your Sydney home, there are excellent breeders to choose a puppy from.

These are some of the best Poodle breeders in Sydney.

poodle breeders in sydney
Finding the best Poodle breeders in Sydney (all sizes)

1. Red Velvet Toy Poodles and Cavoodles

Red Velvet Toy Poodles and Cavoodles is one of the most reputable breeders of this dog in the New South Wales region. The breeder grew up with dogs and raised them their entire life, so they know how to breed and ensure each animal responsibly is adequately cared for.

Toy Poodles held by owner
The Toy Poodle puppies held by owner in her arms.

The breeder has a red Toy Poodle of their own who guards the home and puppies like a hawk. With this breeder, you’ll see plenty of stunning red Toy Poodles and beautiful Cavoodles. They don’t always have puppies, so it’s best to contact the breeder to see if they do or when they can expect a new litter.

Red Velvet Toy Poodles and Cavoodles abide by all Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) safe breeding guidelines, including complete health checks before puppies are sent to their forever homes, etc.

Before one of these loveable puppies goes home with you, they’re DNA tested for common genetic diseases, immunized, dewormed, socialized, and capable of being away from their mom.

Breeder Details:

Location: Sydney, NSW

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See Poodle Puppies Available

Phone Number: 0400 926 278

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.redvelvettoypoodles.com/

2. Sydney Toy Poodles

One of the best things about Sydney Toy Poodles is that the breeders take excellent care of the puppies before they’re off to their new homes. Each puppy is carefully monitored, given all proper healthcare, and allowed to roam their property instead of being trapped in cages freely.

red poodle puppies
Happy red Poodle puppies

The breeders have decades of experience breeding and raising healthy and happy dogs. They know all about the proper nutrition, love, and psychology that goes into breeding and raising happy puppies that will grow into excellent dogs.

This breeder specializes in Toy Poodles of a variety of coat coloring. All their puppies come with a 14-day health guarantee as long as you take your new puppy to a vet within 72 hours for a health evaluation upon taking them home. This allows your vet to verify what the breeder’s vet states about the puppy’s health.

To purchase a puppy from Sydney Toy Poodles, they’ll need a non-refundable deposit. They don’t have an email address they regularly check, so the best way to get in touch is to call them.

Breeder Details:

Location: Sydney, NSW

Phone Number: 0417 369 369

Website: https://sydneytoypoodles.com.au/

3. Cottage Canines Australia

Unlike other Poodle breeders in Sydney, Cottage Canines also breeds different types of dogs, including Poodles. While they have other breeds, they’re still among the best Poodle breeders in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

toy poodle puppy
An apprehensive (but super cute) Poodle puppy. Look at that coat color!

Cottage Canines is a famous breeder because all their dogs and dogs they breed live in their home with them. They’re never kept in inhumane areas and are raised as their own until someone takes them home.

Their Poodle puppies will vary, but they’ve bred Toy Moodles, Spoodles, Cavoodles, and Tiboodles in the past. The best thing you can do when looking for a Poodle puppy is to get in touch with them to see when their next litter would be after checking their website for available puppies.

All of the puppies from Cottage Canines come with a full health check, your first bag of puppy food, treats, toys, a collar, harness, lead, and a bed you can use until they grow out of it. They even provide desexing assistance if you are interested.

Breeder Details:

Location: Sydney, NSW

Phone Number: 0411 84 64 74

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.cottagecanines.com/poodle1.html

4. GuanJun Toy Poodles

GuanJun Toy Poodles is a fantastic breeder to consider if you’re looking for a red Toy Poodle. They only breed Poodles with this coloring, and they’re very proud of the beautiful and healthy animals their dams and sires produce.

poodl e puppy golden with ears
Look at the ear color change on this beautiful Poodle puppy!

GuanJun practices responsible breeding of dogs according to the Dogs NSW regulations for responsible dog ownership. They ensure that all new owners are prepared to take on the responsibility of a new puppy by offering information, toys, and food to get you started.

All the dams and sires used at this breeder are DNA tested for any genetic issues they could pass to their puppies. Upon reaching two to three weeks old, all puppies will get their first deworming treatment.

Before going home with you, they’ll get their first round of vaccinations, a microchip, and a health certificate from the breeder’s veterinarian. Each of their beautiful red Toy Poodles comes with a certificate of registration and a certificate of pedigree.

Breeder Details:

Location: Pymble, NSW

Phone Number: 61 401 886 3502

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.redtoypoodle.net/

5. Kruzien Kennels

Kruzien Kennels is one of the best Poodle breeders in Sydney for several reasons. The first is that they breed a variety of Poodles, and the second is that they will work with families to find them the perfect new family member that fits their lifestyle and what they’re looking for.

clean white poodle with pink leash
A spectacularly crisp white coated Poodle with a contrasting stylish pink leash

They have purebred Toy Poodles and Standard Poodles, but you’ll often see Moodle, Cavoodle, Labradoodles, Groodles, and other Poodle breeds here. This can be a little overwhelming to choose one. That’s why the breeders work with you to see which would be the best fit.

All their dams and sires are regularly checked for health issues to ensure they’re healthy, and their puppies have the best chance at a healthy life. All puppies receive regular health checks, too, to ensure they’re ready to go to their forever home.

Kruzien Kennels has a team of people who care for all their dogs, including the puppies, until they go to new homes. They meet with you, let you meet the puppies, and even offer further training tips to ensure you feel prepared to have a puppy at home.

Breeder Details:

Location: Orange, NSW

Phone Number: 0492 989 660

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://kruizenpuppies.com/

6. Lefay Toy Poodles

Lefay Toy Poodles has been a prominent Poodle breeder in the Sydney area since 1975. The breeder is knowledgeable about the breed and knows how to breed them responsibly. They take pride in breeding champion black and brown Toy Poodles.

Toy Poodle us
A Toy Poodle puppy held by owner for the first time!

Before breeding a new dam and sire, the breeder ensures they have no severe genetic issues. Each puppy receives a full health check upon birth and before going to a new home to ensure they’re healthy and ready to be away from the mother.

Something this breeder is proud of is that all their puppies have what they call a great temperament. When bringing a new puppy into your home, this can be a huge deciding factor.

Lefay’s Toy Poodles are immunized, dewormed, microchipped, and come with pedigree paperwork. If you’re interested in one of these adorable brown or black Toy Poodles, you can email or call them.

Breeder Details:

Location: Sydney, NSW

Phone Number: 0408 114 368

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.lefaytoypoodles.com/

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re interested in a classic Toy Poodle, Cavoodle, or another Poodle, there are fantastic breeders in the Sydney area that can make this possible for you. Each of these five breeders is easy to contact, follows responsible breeding guidelines, and is eager to get the puppy of your dreams into your home.

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