8 Best Poodle Mix Breeders in Ontario (2024)

Mix breeds are gaining more popularity year after year. A popular dog breed many breeders are mixing with is Poodles. The Standard Poodle originated in Germany and is known for having a great temperament and for being hypoallergenic.

They are easy to train and super intelligent. This is why people love owning dogs mixed with Poodles.

best poodle mix breeders in ontario

Finding the right dog breeder can be hard because of the many breeders available. This list will help you find only the best Poodle mix breeders in Ontario.

Poodle Mix Breeders in Ontario

Poodle mix-breeds are great for people of any age, given their temperament, needs, and overall lifestyle. They are great dogs that are easy to train and can live long, healthy lives.

Depending on which breed your Poodle is mixed with, they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your lifestyle. It’s always best to do your research on breeds before deciding which one is right for you.

The following eight Poodle mix breeders are some of the finest in Canada, not just Ontario. Each is fully certified and offers various benefits for choosing them to get your new pet.

1. AR Country Kennel

AR Country Kennel is a dog breeder that has been around since 2001. They are known for having a variety of Poodle crosses.

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Bernedoodle puppy up close
An up-close photograph of a young Bernedoodle dog

They have mixes including:

  • Cava-Poo
  • Cock-a-Poo
  • Schnoodle
  • Shih-Poo

This kennel is passionate about the Poodle breed and raises new litters of healthy dogs each year. Reflecting their dedication to the well-being of their pups, AR Country Kennel offers a two-year health guarantee when the puppy leaves for their new home.

If there’s a breed mix you’re looking for but don’t see it on their site, no worries, you can visit their kennel to see what options are available for you!

Breeder Details:

Location: 98 Stringer Road, Hermon, Ontario, K0L 2M0

Phone: 613-332-6232

Website: arcountrykennel.com

2. Perfect Puppies

Perfect Puppies has been in business for over 40 years in the Ontario area. They specialize in Poodle mix puppies and aim to give them the best health and training possible before going to their forever home.

Cockapoo sits on a chair
Cockapoo puppy sitting on a chair for a photoshoot. (Image: Instagram/@cockapoo_the_bear)

Poodle mix breeds you can find here include:

  • Cock-a-Poo
  • Shih-Poo

This business is family-owned and operated and breeds the mixes out of their home. They have a specialized nursery for the puppies to ensure they get the best care possible.

Perfect Puppies incorporate outdoor training once their dogs reach seven weeks. So, by the time they get to your home, your new pet will be familiar with the basics of potty training. Puppies from this breeder are given the best care, ensuring they will live long, healthy lives with you and your family.

Breeder Details:

Location: EAST, 35345 Hwy 28, McArthurs Mills, ON K0L 2M0, Canada

Phone: 613-332-5975

Website: perfectpuppies.ca

3. Spruce Ridge Kennels

Spruce Ridge Kennels is one of the most impressive Poodle mix breeders in Ontario. They are another family-owned business that focuses on hypoallergenic and non-shedding dogs.

chocolate Shih Poo dog
A closeup of a cute Shih-Poo dog with a rich chocolate color coat. Love the white patch on the chest!

Some of their breed mixes include:

  • Bich-Poo
  • Cock-a-Poo
  • Shih-Poo
  • CavaPoo

Their state-of-the-art kennels keep the puppies healthy and in great care during their time at the kennel. Spruce Ridge Kennels pride themselves in their care, with well-loved puppies in great health and ready for your home.

Breeder Details:

Location: 3969 Ament Line, Wallenstein, ON N0B 2S0

Phone: 519-698-9918

Website: spruceridgekennels.com

4. Ponsonby

At Ponsonby Poodle Doodles, the staff strives to breed healthy Poodle mixes ready to be adopted into a loving home. They begin house training as early as four weeks and make sure their pups are well exercised and fed.

red Goldendoodle puppy coat wavy
Image of Dark Goldendoodle puppy in field of fall leaves next to pumpkin chew toy

Ponsonby offers mixed breeds that include:

  • Goldendoodle
  • Irishdoodle
  • Labradoodles

With their impressive facilities, you can be guaranteed that their Poodle mixes will be well-adjusted and healthy. They are a kennel-free environment which means the dogs can roam and explore safely during their time at the facilities. Ponsonby ensures their puppies get all the attention they need, helping them with socialization and overall behavior.

Breeder Details:

Location: 5941 Wellington Rd 7, Guelph, ON N1H 6J2

Phone: 519-830-4334

Website: ponsonbypoodledoodles.com

5. Pets In the Country

Pets in the Country is located on a 64-acre farm north of Burlington-Hamilton. Their large amount of space allows their puppies to have tons of room to explore and grow.

tan Cockapoo and owner
Young man hoists a begrudgingly accepting Cockapoo on his shoulders. Cute dog!

They have Poodle mixes that include:

  • Goldendoodle
  • Cock-a-Poo
  • Miniature Country Doodle

They take great care of their puppies and have a love for the Poodle breed, ensuring great mixes come from it. These mixes are great with families, have a good temperament, and are easy to train. Their expansive land gives them a lot of space to raise the puppies in a great environment.

Breeder Details:

Location: 67 Concession Rd 6 E, Millgrove, ON L8B 1L9

Phone: 950-807-7902

Website: petsinthecountry.com

6. Willow Brooke Bernedoodles

Willow Brooke Bernedoodles specializes in cross breeds between the Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. The combination of these two breeds makes for puppies that are affectionate, intelligent, and loyal. They make for great family dogs as well as they are easygoing.

Bernedoodle puppy looks up
A Bernedoodle puppy looking up to his owner. (Image: Instagram/@bernedoodletheo)

Their Bernedoodle puppies are all CKC registered and their puppies are listed on their site, with plenty of detail to inform your decision. In addition, Willow Brook makes announcements on upcoming litters. Each puppy comes with a health warranty that showcases the puppy is in good health from the moment they leave the kennel.

Willow Brook has built a solid reputation for raising healthy and well-nurtured dogs. Their 25-acre property gives them tons of space to raise the puppies in a great environment until they find a forever home.

Breeder Details:

Location: 3532 Erb’s Road W, Baden, ON N3A 3M2

Phone: 519-580-5865

Website: bernedoodles.ca

7. Regal Pups

At Regal Pups, the dedicated workers focus on raising healthy and happy pups for your home. They have been in the breeding business for 40 plus years and serve the Ontario area.

Yorkie Poo puppy
A Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle mixed breed dog lying down in the grass

They specialize in Poodle mix breeds including:

  • Goldendoodles
  • Miniature doodles
  • Yorkie Poo
  • Yorkie Doodle

Their puppies come with a one-year health guarantee, deworming, and initial puppy shots. Even after your puppy comes home with you, Regal Pups is still here to help you on your dog owner journey. Bear in mind that they don’t take walk-ins, so if you’re looking to check out their puppy selection, be sure to call ahead!

Breeder Details:

Location: Glenwoods Ave. & Woodbine Ave. Keswick Ontario L4P 0M7

Phone: 416-716-8225

Website: regalpups.com

8. FOS Poodles

FOS Poodles have been breeding Poodle mixes in the Ontario area since 2012. They have a CKC registered kennel where the puppies are raised before finding a forever home. All of their puppies come with a two-year health guarantee.

Poodle mix wears harness
A Poodle mix breed wearing a harness outdoor. (Image: Instagram/@nelliebynature)

During the puppies’ time at FOS Poodles, the staff spends a lot of their time focusing on temperament and structure, setting their dogs up for success.

Breeder Details:

Location: Fort Erie, ON L2A 5H4

Phone: 905-380-5576

Website: guardedluck.com

Next Steps

Finding your perfect Poodle mix to give a forever home too is a process. You must first decide what mix of Poodle you’re looking for and the type of kennel you want them to come from. Once you have an idea, your next step is to reach out to one of these outstanding Poodle mix breeders in Ontario.

Whether you’re prioritizing health or pre-adoption training, there’s an option out there that will best suit your needs.

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