Are Poodles Good Family Dogs?

Welcome to the lively and furry world of Poodles, where our curly companions keep us cheerful, and we keep them entertained

Whether you are seeking to introduce a Poodle into your family or you would like to acquaint a new baby with your pet, you have found the right place to address it all.

are poodles good family dogs
Are Poodles good family dogs?

For all the ways you find yourself wondering to what degree are Poodles good family dogs, I can offer years of experience in all the crucial areas. Interacting with Poodles of all sizes and personalities, I find that they make great family companions as long as their critical needs are met.

In this guide, we will explore how the background, personality, obedience, size, and physical needs of a Poodle make them a great addition to the right family. Before you know it, your pet will become a loyal, loving, and lively member of your household.

Where Did the Poodle Originate?

If you are curious about adopting a Poodle into your family or want to know more about this breed, learning about his ancestry can be a great way to feel closer to your dog.

a poodle swimming
The Puddle Hound (Poodle) LOVES to swim.

These curly-haired pups likely originate from the European Barbet. The German variation of this dog became the breed we now know as the Poodle. In German, Pudel means “puddle,” which illuminates the favorite job of these energetic dogs.

A few hundred years ago, these Pudelhunds or Poodles worked with their owners as retrievers and hunters. Aptly named for their love for the water, these dogs were chiefly used for swimming and retrieving objects in the water. Then, acting as a dutiful helper to the hunter, these dogs would run into the water to pick up waterfowl in lakes where the game was shot.

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The water retrieving duties also explain the famous haircut of a purebred Poodle. A well-groomed body helped the dog to swim with less resistance and weight in the water. Owners allowed the puffy hair on his chest and head to grow longer to keep the swimming dogs warm in cold water conditions.

Presently, this clipping style has become a fashion statement in its own right. Adult Poodles participating in show competitions must wear the easily recognizable Continental Clip or English Saddle Clip. 

Throughout the 1960s and 70s, Poodles were the most popular breed in America. Still a delightful choice for a family dog, Poodles bring their spunk and intelligence to any household just like they did in their traditional duties in the centuries past.

You will find Poodles in three distinct sizes today though they are all considered the same breed. Therefore, the temperament of the Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodle will be mostly the same.

What Is a Poodle’s Personality Like?

If you have a Poodle in your life, you probably have firsthand experience with the bundles of energy that they can be. Since Poodles were bred for working, hunting, and swimming, our family Poodles have inherited that energetic nature, too.

a black poodle
A mini Poodle on a cobble stone street

So since these dogs used to lead such active lives, are Poodles good family dogs to begin with? The short answer is: yes, Poodles make wonderful pets for active families and kids.

Here are some common behavioral traits of Poodles that make them suitable for families.

  • They love to play and exercise, especially engaging their mental and physical capabilities.
  • You can train Poodles with reward-based methods to gain respect and control.
  • The curly coats of Poodles are less likely to trigger allergies than many other dogs.

While owners should always supervise their pets’ activities for abnormal behaviors, Poodles are generally well-behaved around children and other animals. Though they may take some time to become used to strangers, these dogs are kind and polite to all family members.

Although many families might love the liveliness of their Poodle, others may wonder when their young Poodle will calm down. Though every dog will have their quirks, you can generally expect Poodles to become calmer as they advance into adulthood.

However, exercise and mental stimulation never go to waste with Poodles, no matter the age. If you and your family are willing to take your furry friend on daily walks and engage in playtime, you will have a happily tired-out pet who will love you in return.

Furthermore, smaller varieties like the Toy Poodle and Miniature Poodle have been intentionally bred for their companionship traits, meaning that your smaller Poodle friends are likely to be calmer and less energetic.

Are Poodles Good With Children?

As previously stated, Poodles are suitable dogs for families. But with any new dog, it is best to set the expectations with your children about how to train and interact with the dog and what rules you want to set for the dog before you get it.

chocolate Poodle at vet
A brown Poodle actually enjoying a Vet visit

If everyone is on the same page about training and responsibilities regarding the new pup, the more likely the relationship with your dog will be a mutually loving one for everyone.

Are Poodles Easy to Train?

You may still wonder, are Poodles good family dogs in terms of obedience activities? Training a respectful pet is a critical part of fitting into the family. The good news is that Poodles are one of the easiest dog breeds to train due to their high intelligence and willingness to please owners.

Poodle puppy in training
Poodle puppy in training session for puppies.

I always find that the best way to establish trust and understanding with a dog is to develop a good relationship with them. It is not difficult to form a loving relationship with a Poodle since they love to play with you.

During playtime, you can incorporate commands, treats, and games into your activities to ensure that your dog will listen to you in any situation. This breed loves rewards like praise or snacks, so simple daily repetitions of the common commands can ensure that your Poodle fits into the family with obedience and respect.

Since these are intelligent dogs, a Poodle will not require much effort to learn new commands. Beginning this process when they are young will ensure that your family dog knows all the house rules right away!

How Big Do Poodles Get?

One of the most exciting features of poodles is the variations in size that this breed offers. Whatever stage your family is in, whether apartment living or an open yard, there is a Poodle that complements your space.

proud black poodle in texas
A proud standard all-black Poodle in Texas

Toy Poodles are the smallest size, ranging from 5 to 10 pounds full grown. The height of these tiny pooches only reaches 10 inches from the ground to the shoulder.

Miniature Poodles fall in between the smaller and larger variations. They usually weigh around 15 to 20 pounds and can reach a standing height of 11 to 15 inches. 

In adulthood, the Standard Poodle towers over its smaller counterparts at 45 to 70 pounds. These dogs can measure between 15 and 22 inches from the ground up to the shoulder.

Since each of these sizes of Poodles are polite and friendly dogs, choosing the right size of Poodle for your family will come down to preference and lifestyle. The benefits of adopting a small dog are a greater likelihood of calmness and easier handling. On the other hand, a family might appreciate the energy of a Standard Poodle, especially if they have a large area for them to play.

What Are a Poodle’s Health and Grooming Needs?

Since Poodles only have a single coat of curls, they are considered to have hair rather than fur. In addition, these dogs are frequently regarded as hypoallergenic since they shed less often than other breeds. While Poodles do produce some levels of hair and dander, they may indeed prove to create fewer allergens than other breeds.

gray poodle at the vet smiling
A young Veterinarian doctor listens to the heartbeat of a happy gray Poodle

Before inviting a Poodle into your family, you must learn how these dogs maintain their impressive coats. The coat of this breed never stops growing, so every parent of these beautiful dogs will need to incorporate regular at-home trims or grooming visits into the routine.

A Poodle’s grooming routine can happen as frequently as every three weeks or can stretch to occur every other month, depending on the style and growth rate that works for you.

Some common health issues that may affect Poodles are stomach issues like bloating and stomach twists, luxating patella, and adrenal problems like Addison’s and Cushing’s disease.


I hope this Poodle info has made you and your family excited to find the perfect Poodle to pair with your family. These dogs have high intelligence, impressive gentleness, and good health to make them irresistible and beloved family pets.

Be sure to consider these critical ways that a Poodle will love her family.

  • Families with big yards and play areas can complement your pup’s higher energy.
  • Having parents or kids willing to establish obedience rules will make for a happy pup.
  • Poodles will require regular grooming to look and feel their best, so prepare for brushing and clipping routines.

And of course, don’t forget to get your new friend ready for the family photos. The classic beauty of your Poodle might just steal the show!

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