BAD Things About Poodle Temperament (9 Things to KNOW)

Are you thinking about getting a Poodle? Poodles are some of the most adorable dogs out there, so it wouldn’t be surprising if one of the top dogs on your potential pet list is the Poodle. 

You may be wondering whether there are any downsides to getting a Poodle and what a Poodle’s temperament is like. Overall, the Poodle is an easy-going dog, but there are some things you need to know about its temperament before getting one.

bad things about poodle temperament
What are the bad things about Poodle temperament? What you should know BEFORE adopting.

If you want to be a good owner, you need to be prepared to give your dog the love and care it needs. 

What Type of Temperament Do Poodles Have? 

Let’s get to the meat of the issue: the temperament of the Poodle. Overall, Poodles are loving, gentle, and kind. They can get excited, but they don’t get aggressive quickly.

two Standard Poodles on the stairway
The two Standard Poodles sits on the stairway.

They can be troublemakers, but they understand and get very attached to their owners. They can be shy when meeting new people and dogs, but they warm up quickly. 

There are some things you should know about a Poodle’s temperament before getting one. While you’re going to fall in love with your Poodle within minutes, you need to have the patience to deal with it. 

Bad Things About Poodle Temperament

The following aspects of a Poodle’s temperament aren’t “bad” per se. It’s almost as if there can be nothing wrong with a Poodle – they’re simply so lovable! However, they can be frustrating if you’re not prepared. 

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They Need a Lot of Attention 

Poodles are not high-maintenance when it comes to grooming, training, etc. At the same time, many Poodles require a lot of attention. They want hugs, kisses, and more hugs and kisses.

Poodle puppy rests on laptop
A Teacup Poodle rests on a laptop.

They want to play with you and run around in your yard. 

You can’t ignore your Poodle. If your Poodle feels unloved, it may act up. Some dogs are happy to sleep and chill in the corner by themselves all day, but, likely, your Poodle won’t be one of them.

The Poodle is a more hands-on dog

They Are High-Energy 

Poodles have a lot of energy, especially young ones! They love to play, run, chew on toys, and have fun. Sure, they love to sleep and relax when tired, but a Poodle is no Basset Hound.

toy poodle on the beach
The bounding leap of a Poodle enjoying the beach

Basset Hounds are famous for chilling and vibing all day long. 

That is why it’s critical to take your Poodle out on walks at least twice a day. Some Poodles work better with thrice-a-day walks. If you take your Poodle out three times a day instead of two, you can make those walks a bit shorter. 

Sixty minutes of walking time a day is a perfect amount of time to aim for. It doesn’t have to be exact, however. Three to four walks a day of 15 minutes is usually enough, even for Poodles. 

You should also buy enough toys for your Poodle. When it is home, it will have something to stimulate itself with. 

They Are Very Sensitive to Stress

Poodles are some of the most sensitive dogs. That is what makes them so appealing to many owners. At the same time, it means that they can pick up on stress, anger, sadness, and other negative emotions that the people around them are experiencing pretty quickly. 

curly Poodle stands outdoors
A curly Poodle stands alone outdoors waiting for the owner.

If you have relationship issues, don’t be surprised if your Poodle starts acting a bit out of the ordinary. It can sense something is wrong, which distresses it; it just doesn’t know how to fix it. It may act up in different ways or sulk in a corner and withdraw. 

All that simply means that Poodles bond wonderfully with their owners. They are very much in tune with their feelings. 

They Can Be Shy

Despite what I just said about Poodles bonding well with their owners, they can be rather shy when they’re around strangers. If you have a new friend over, don’t expect your Poodle to start playing with them immediately. It can take time for your Poodle to start trusting new people. 

brown mini poodle
A brown Mini Poodle sitting on a lap. Poodles are one of the greatest lap dogs.

They Can Be Dramatic

Poodles have a bit of a reputation for being drama queens. When they don’t get what they want, they can act pretty dramatically, as if everything is about them. In their eyes, the world revolves around them!

bark collars for poodles
Do bark collars work for Poodles?

If you leave your Poodle alone, or if you don’t give it what it asked for, it might act up and start barking. However, with proper training, Poodles become more mellow. 

They Are a Bit Spoiled

Poodles also have a reputation for being spoiled. The Poodle needs a lot of attention, and it needs to get its way. However, it’s more of a stereotype than a reality.

Poodle looks on his side
A Poodle with straight white hair looks on his side.

Many Poodle owners find that their Poodles only want a bit of extra care and love

They Can Sometimes Be Destructive

If your Poodle is not getting the love, care, exercise, and stimulation it needs, it can be destructive. It can ruin your couch, carpet, or other household items. That is why I said that buying toys is so important.

naughty poodle has caused a mess parti mini
Naughty Poodle dog with sock in mouth.

Poodles are very alert. They thrive on a lot of stimulation and get very frustrated when bored. 

Is It Worth Getting a Poodle? 

Yes. It’s worth getting a Poodle, as long as you are ready to give it the love and care it needs. Despite all that I said, Poodles are still not high-maintenance dogs.

woman carries Toy Poodle
A woman carries her Toy Poodle for a cuddle time.

Unless you’re looking for a dog that sits by itself and relaxes all day, chances are that a Poodle won’t be too much work for you.

It will keep you busy and happy. 


Are you still wondering whether a Poodle is suitable for you? Here are some of the most common questions we see from readers. 

Poodle chews a slipper
A brown Poodle chews his owner’s slipper outdoors.

Can Poodles be nasty? 

No. Poodles are rarely nasty, unlike some other dogs. Because it’s easy to train a Poodle, it’s unlikely for your Poodle to urinate or defecate on the floor. 

Poodles are pretty clean dogs. They don’t shed much hair, so that you won’t find hair all over your floor. In addition, they don’t smell bad. Besides, Poodles are hypoallergenic.

If you suffer from a lot of allergies, the Poodle is an excellent choice. 

Are Poodles mad? 

Poodles can get a bit dramatic sometimes, but they rarely get angry and aggressive. Over time, your Poodle will likely become more calm and relaxed and stop expecting the world to always go his or her way. As long as you give it the love it needs, your Poodle will love you back. 

Are Poodles dumb? 

Not at all. Poodles are extremely intelligent. They can pick up on what other people feel, and they respond well to training.

They can understand commands and comply with them. 

According to the Clubs, the Poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. That, along with its eagerness to help and loving nature, is what makes it such a good service dog. You’ll find a friend in your Poodle. 

Poodles: The Basics

The Poodle is a type of water dog, and it comes in different sizes (the Standard Poodle, the Toy Poodle, etc.). It is not entirely clear what its origins are, but many believe the Poodle to come from Germany, where it’s been around since the Middle Ages or earlier. 

three Toy Poodles in the garden
Three Toy Poodles sit on luggage placed in the flower garden.

Poodles are very easy to recognize, as they have a very specific look. However, the different types of Poodles do look different. 

There are at least three types of Poodles: the Standard Poodle, the Miniature Poodle, and the Toy Poodle. Some people divide Poodles further into additional kinds. 

Some people also consider the Medium (or Moyen Poodle) to be yet a separate type of Poodle, but not everyone agrees. You can see the difference between the three major Poodle types here. 

Why Should You Get a Poodle? 

Poodles make the perfect pet. They are intelligent, fun to play with, and gentle. You will rarely see a Poodle getting aggressive, making Poodles perfect companions for families with other dogs or kids.

Poodle puppy in training
Poodle puppy in training session for puppies.

You won’t have to worry about your Poodle hurting you or your children. 

In addition, Poodles don’t shed a lot of hair, which is a plus. While you need to groom your Poodle, they’re not particularly high-maintenance. In addition, it is easy to train a Poodle. 

Having an obedient and understanding dog like a Poodle will be a big relief. If you’ve ever dealt with a dog that is hard to train, you’ll know how frustrating it could be. You may even have to hire a professional trainer, which can cost hundreds of dollars. 

Besides, Poodles are simply adorable! They’re super cute, and they attract attention from passersby. You’ll be able to show your Poodle off to friends, family, and new dates. 

Final Word

We hope this article has shed some light on the temperament of Poodles and what to expect from your Poodle. Poodles are not high-maintenance, but they sometimes require you to be on your feet.

Like all dogs, they require lots of love, good food, and daily exercise. 

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