How Much Does a Dog Walker Make in Los Angeles: Earnings Revealed

Dreaming of turning your passion for pooches into a profitable venture? Fancy yourself as an outdoor enthusiast? In the sun-drenched, cinematic haven of Los Angeles, dog walking could be your golden ticket.

Amid the city’s bustling lifestyle, where long work hours reign, there’s a thriving demand for reliable, trusty individuals to step in as doggie caretakers. LA, with its limitless opportunities, opens its arms to aspiring dog walkers, offering a pathway to combine love for furry friends with a rewarding career. Let’s journey together into this dynamic profession.

In terms of earnings, dog walkers in Los Angeles can make a decent income. The average salary for a dog walker in the city is around $36,646 per year, with the range typically falling between $29,932 and $45,733. Additionally, the average hourly rate for a dog walker in Los Angeles is approximately $17.50. Factors such as experience, certifications, and additional skills can impact a dog walker’s salary, making it essential to consider these aspects when venturing into this career path.

A day in the life of a Los Angeles dog walker involves not only walking the dogs and providing basic care but also creating connections with fellow dog lovers and exploring the many scenic routes that this sprawling city has to offer. It’s no wonder that for some, dog walking isn’t just a job, but a passion that combines physical activity, social interaction, and an endless supply of wagging tails.

Overview of Dog Walker Salaries in Los Angeles

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Average Salary

In Los Angeles, California, dog walkers can expect to earn a decent income by taking care of our four-legged friends. The average annual salary for a dog walker job in LA is roughly $34,8351, with monthly pay averaging around $1,3082. Dogs in the City of Angels must be well taken care of, it seems!

Hourly Rates

In addition to annual salaries, it’s essential to consider hourly rates as well. A dog walker earns on average $18.58 per hour in Los Angeles3. But in neighboring Beverly Hills, the hourly rate drops slightly to $17.344. With such variety in pay rates, dog walkers could say they’re getting paid in both kibble and glamour.

Here’s a quick breakdown of hourly rates in LA neighborhoods:

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  • Los Angeles: $18.58 per hour3
  • Beverly Hills: $17.34 per hour4

Just remember, these are average figures. Rates can vary depending on factors like experience, clientele, and how many pups you can handle simultaneously.

two gorgebous sibling pitbulls
Two gorgeous sibling Pit Bull dogs

Comparison to Other Cities

Even though Californian dogs are living the good life, it’s always interesting to see how dog walkers fare in other parts of the United States. The statewide average salary for a dog walker in California is $36,6935. But, LA isn’t the only booming dog-walking locale in the Golden State. The Greater Los Angeles Area and the San Francisco Bay Area are the nation’s second and fifth most populous urban regions5, meaning there’s no shortage of potential furry clients.

To provide some perspective, we have compiled a table of average dog walker salaries in other notable cities:

CityHourly Rate
Los Angeles$18.58
Beverly Hills$17.34
San Francisco$21.11
New York City$17.31

*Please note that these numbers are approximate and may vary.

So, if you have a passion for pups and a knack for navigating the urban landscape, dog walking in Los Angeles might just be the perfect profession for you! And the dogs? Well, let’s just say they’ll be wagging their tails with gratitude.


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A woman sits with her dog on an outdoor wall.
A woman sits with her dog on an outdoor wall.

Factors Affecting Dog Walker Income


Experience plays a significant role in determining a dog walker’s income. As one gains experience walking dogs, they become more efficient and better equipped to handle various dog breeds and temperaments. For example, a novice dog walker may earn around $12 per hour, while someone with several years of experience could command closer to $20 per hour.

Training and Education

While there isn’t a formal degree in dog walking, having training and certifications related to pet care can boost one’s reputation and potentially lead to higher earnings. For instance, a dog walker who has completed a pet first aid course or earned a pet care specialist certification demonstrates their dedication to the job, which clients may value.

Location within Los Angeles

The earning potential for dog walkers can vary greatly within different parts of Los Angeles. In densely populated urban areas with high demand for dog walking services, a dog walker might charge more than in rural or suburban locations where demand is lower. For example, a dog walker in Beverly Hills might make more than one in a quieter neighborhood with fewer potential clients.

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Working Hours

Dog walkers who are willing to work long hours and be available for weekend shifts can increase their income potential. While a typical workday might include a few hours in the morning and evening, flexibility to accommodate a client’s varying schedule could lead to more opportunities. A dog walker who offers availability on weekends and holidays might have an edge over the competition, thus earning more.

Overall, numerous factors contribute to a dog walker’s income in Los Angeles. By focusing on building one’s experience, obtaining relevant training, targeting high-demand areas, and working flexible hours, a dog walker can maximize their earning potential in the City of Angels.

Top Companies and Platforms for Dog Walkers


Wag! is an on-demand dog walking service that allows dog walkers to sign up and find gigs through their mobile app. This platform offers flexibility and convenience for those looking to make money by walking furry friends.

Rover is a popular online platform that connects pet owners with dog walkers, pet sitters, and boarding services. Rover is not only a trusted platform for finding dog walking jobs, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to grow your clientele and build a solid customer base.

A service Doodle dog (low shedding!)
A service Doodle dog (low shedding!)


Dogtopia is a dog day care and boarding facility with franchises across the United States. The company offers employment opportunities for dog walkers at their various locations, providing a more structured and stable environment for those looking to care for pups.


Petco, a well-known pet supplies retailer, runs a dog walking service called Pals Rewards. Working as a dog walker for Petco allows you to enjoy the perks of their rewards program while building a steady dog walking career.

Self Opportunity

Self Opportunity is a recruiting company that connects job seekers with appropriate positions, including dog walking. Partnering with this platform, dog walkers can find exclusive job opportunities at various pet service companies.

A dog walker in Los Angeles
A dog walker in Los Angeles


Petsmart, another large pet supplies retailer, often hires dog walkers for their pet services department. As a Petsmart employee, dog walkers enjoy a reliable income and employee benefits.

Barks N Purrs Pet Services

Barks N Purrs is a pet services company that offers a range of services, including dog walking, pet sitting, and dog training. Dog walkers seeking local gigs can partner with Barks N Purrs for job opportunities and growth within the pet care industry.


Dogster is a localized online platform that connects dog walkers with potential clients in their area. This platform is beneficial for dog walkers looking to find new clients and expand their services within their neighborhood.

In summary, various companies and platforms offer dog walking opportunities for interested individuals. Whether you prefer a flexible mobile app like Wag! or a more structured job at a facility like Dogtopia, there is no shortage of opportunities to make a living walking dogs in Los Angeles.

Additional Pay and Benefits

Cash Bonus

Some lucky dog walkers in Los Angeles may enjoy a nice cash bonus, maybe as a reward for walking extra miles or providing exceptional service. It’s not a guarantee but can be a pleasant surprise when it happens.


Although rare, commission-based earnings might exist for dog walkers who bring in new clients to the company they work for. They could receive a percentage of the new client’s payments as a reward for their networking skills.


Tips are always a welcome addition to a dog walker’s salary. Happy pet owners might give generous tips for the walkers who go the extra mile to take great care of their furry friends. It’s surely a pawsitive reinforcement for a job well done.

Profit Sharing

Profit sharing schemes for dog walkers in Los Angeles are less common, but some companies might offer it as part of their compensation packages. In these cases, employees would receive a share of the company’s profits, adding a nice bonus to their regular salary.

Flexible Schedule

One of the appealing benefits of being a dog walker is the flexible schedule. This allows walkers to balance their work and personal life, making time for other responsibilities and interests. Just imagine, having the freedom to play fetch for both the dogs and yourself.

Paid Time Off

While paid time off might not be a standard perk for dog walkers, some companies in Los Angeles could provide this benefit. This can include vacation days, sick leave, or personal days, giving dog walkers some time to recharge their batteries and come back even more enthusiastic to walk those wagging tails.

Paid Training

If you’re new to the dog walking world, you might stumble upon companies that offer paid training programs. This ensures that all their dog walkers are well prepared to handle various breeds and situations while earning some money during the training process. Talk about a ruff start to a new career!

Salary Tools and Resources

Salary Calculator

One tool that can help dog walkers in Los Angeles estimate their potential income is a salary calculator. These calculators consider factors like location, experience, and hours worked to give dog walkers an idea of their potential earnings. In Los Angeles, dog walkers can typically expect to make around $18.73 per hour. However, this number can vary depending on factors like education, certifications, additional skills, and years of experience in the profession.


Glassdoor is another resource that dog walkers in Los Angeles can use to research salary trends and potential earnings. According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a Dog Walker in Los Angeles is around $40,332 per year, with an average base salary of $35,986 per year, and additional pay of approximately $4,347 per year. These numbers represent the median salary and can vary by individual factors as well.

For dog walkers who want to branch out on their own, sites like can provide information on setting up and running a successful dog walking business. This website offers advice on topics like marketing, pricing, and client management. It’s important to keep in mind that working as a self-employed dog walker can result in different income levels compared to working for a company, as the dog walker will be responsible for their own expenses and taxes.

By utilizing salary calculators, Glassdoor, and resources like, dog walkers in Los Angeles can better understand potential earnings and make informed decisions about their career paths. As they gain experience, expand their client base, and refine their skills, dog walkers can potentially earn higher incomes in this bustling city known for its love of furry friends.

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