7 Best Mini Poodle Breeders USA (2024)

No matter what dog breed you’re looking for, finding a reputable dog breeder can be difficult. You may struggle to know what to look for in an ethical breeder that sells healthy puppies.

However, putting in the time to research and find a breeder with values in line with your own is well worth the time. Not only will you be able to feel good about your purchase, but you’ll be supporting an honest small business.

best mini poodle breeders

Before purchasing your Mini Poodle, you must consult with the breeder regarding each puppy’s personality and temperament. Both you and the new addition to your family need to be a right fit for one another.

The below list contains some of the most reputable Mini Poodle breeders around. However, it would be best if you did your due diligence. The most important thing is that you feel confident your money is going to a place that treats dogs as well as you do.

Posay Miniature Poodles

Posay Miniature Poodles is a small in-home breeder located in North Florida.

chocolate Toy Poodle
Lead and clicker training for a Miniature Poodle puppy in the garden.

They are AKC and UKC registered and treat their dogs like family. Additionally, Posay Miniature Poodles is part of the GoodDog.com Responsible Breeding Program.

From early on, all their puppies receive bio-sensor neurostimulation training. Their Mini Poodles also socialized.

Ready to Adopt
Puppyspot Poodle Adoption

PuppySpot is a reputable dog marketplace where you can browse and find compatible puppies right from the comfort of your home. They have placed over 200,000 puppies into homes in the US!

See Poodle Puppies Available

As with any private business, they reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone for any reason. They do not refund deposits.

Posay Miniature Poodles

Location: North Florida

Telephone: (352) 792-4253 (Cell)

Website: Posay Miniature Poodles

Email: [email protected]

Creekside Puppy Adoptions

The Herschberger family runs Creekside Puppy Adoptions in Arcola, Illinois. They live on four acres of land in the countryside and have been raising puppies since 2013.

Miniature Poodle with his owner
Miniature Poodle getting a belly rub from his owner. (Image: Instagram/minipoodlerudi)

Their business is 100% family-owned and operated, with everyone from their aunt Beth working as a customer service manager and their youngest child appointed as “Chief Puppy Whisperer.”

Creekside Puppy Adoptions works with multiple local family breeders, and each family goes through a vetting process. You don’t have to worry about whether your future puppy has been well-taken care of and loved.

The process for bringing home a new puppy from Creekside is straightforward.

First, you’ll need to make a deposit. Although the deposit is non-refundable, it goes toward your total payment.

Next, you meet your prospective dog. You can choose to do this “meet” online or in person. The most important thing for you is to get a sense of your future puppy’s personality.

Finally, bring your dog home. Creekside Puppy Adoptions has two options for getting your dog home: an in-person pick-up or delivery to your doorstep.

Creekside Puppy Adoptions

Location: Arcola, Illinois

Telephone: (217) 549-6555 (Cell, texting OK)

Website: Creekside Puppy Adoptions

Email: [email protected]

Forever Poodles

Forever Poodles is operated by Jennifer Manders in Summerfield, Florida.

brown Mini Poodle.jpg
A brown Mini Poodle sitting on a lap. Poodles are one of the greatest lap dogs.

The one-woman operation is proudly certified as an AKC Breeder of Merit. As a Breeder of Merit, Forever Poodles tests the parent dogs for any genetic issues.

Forever Poodles breeds Miniature Poodles and Havanese dogs. If you’re interested in any of their puppies, Jennifer requests that you fill out an extensive application form on their site. At the same time, it may seem like a lot, but it’s to ensure that you and your future puppy are the right fit for one another.

Forever Poodles

Location: Summerfield, Florida

Telephone: (941) 685-6658

Website: Forever Poodle

Email: [email protected]

Champion Poodles

Champion Poodles is from Kannapolis, North Carolina.

tan Poodle mini
A tan Mini Poodle is lying down on the carpet.

Each of their puppies has at least one AKC Champion parent. All of their dogs are DNA tested for any genetic defects. They breed their puppies to have good quality, health, and temperament.

Champion Poodles doesn’t believe in artificial insemination, so therefore every puppy was conceived naturally.

Champion Poodles

Location: Kannapolis, North Carolina

Telephone: (980) 521-6115

Website: Champion Poodles

Email: [email protected]

PuppySpot Mini Poodles

PuppySpot is considered an easy one-stop-shop for all your puppy’s wants and needs. They have a complete database with reputable breeders, and many of them have a waitlist of 6 months and up.

apricot Miniature Poodle held
An apricot Miniature Poodle held on one hand. (Image: Instagram/@reina_thepoodle)

PuppySpot owns their private airline, so they’re able to deliver your puppy right to your door. You don’t have to worry about a long drive to meet the breeder because they’ll fly your puppy directly to you.


Location: N/A

Telephone: (866) 434-6793

Website: PuppySpot

Email: N/A

Alegros Poodles

Alegros Poodles is a small breeder of quality Poodles located in North Texas.

red Miniature Poodle sits
A red Miniature Poodle sits on the floor. (Image: Instagram/@minimrmilo)

Alegros Poodles is an AKC registered Breeder of Merit. All puppies from their litters are from genetically tested champion bloodlines and are AKC registered.

They test their puppies for PRA-prcd, PRA-rcd4, Hereditary Cataracts, NEWS, VWDI, and Patellar Luxation.

Alegros Poodles accepts a deposit to hold a puppy after a litter is born. The deposit is non-refundable because it was made in good faith, assuming that the buyer would complete the purchase and the seller would have a puppy for them.

Alegros Poodles

Location: North Texas

Telephone: (940) 435-2511

Website: Alegros Poodles

Email: [email protected]

Caralot Poodles

Caralot Poodles is located in Indiana. They’ve been breeding Poodles for 25+ years and prioritize the health of their puppies above all else.

Okja the Mini Poodle
Okja, the Mini Poodle is giving a pleasant look. (Image: Instagram/@poodle_okja)

Because of their passion for breeding Mini Poodles with sound temperaments, all of their puppies have genetic and health tests run. They do not kennel their dogs and treat them as members of their families.

Caralot Poodles

Location: New Pekin, Indiana

Telephone: (812) 967-3575

Website: Caralot Poodles

Email: [email protected]

Danube Poodles

Located in Tennessee, Danube Poodles sells red and black Miniature Poodles. They have an American and European team.

Mini Poodle with leash
A Mini Poodle wears a blue collar with a leash. (Image: Instagram/@zukopoodleandfriends)

Danube Poodles is an AKC Breeder of Merit and a Natural Rearing Breeders Association member.

This breeder takes great pride in producing healthy Mini Poodles and provides health certifications for all their puppies.

They sell all of their puppies on an AKC limited registration, which means that you are not allowed to breed the puppy you purchase from them.

Before you can purchase a puppy from Danube, you will need to fill out an application form.

Danube Poodles

Location: Rock Island, Tennessee

Telephone: (410) 603-4977

Website: Danube Poodles

Email: [email protected]

Mini Poodle Puppies

Miniature Poodle puppies stand between 10 to 15 inches. These small dogs weigh up to 15 pounds, and they live for up to 18 years.

Poodle getting brushed
Using a blunt comb to groom and style a Mini brown Poodle dog

Miniature Poodles are excellent companions and have semi-hypoallergenic coats. Additionally, their shedding is minimal, so they’re ideal for people who suffer fur-related allergies.

They are brilliant, so they are easy to train. Mini Poodles are fabulous with young children and get along well with other dogs, particularly when socialized early.

Mini Poodles are very affectionate, and perhaps because of that, they are territorial and make excellent guard dogs. Although they lack size, they will make sure their family is safe.

Years of inbreeding lead to genetic health issues in Miniature Poodles, so it’s essential to make sure your Poodle is in good health.

Remember, you are adding a new member to your family and committing to take care of them no matter what health issues arise.

Conclusion for the Best Mini Poodle Breeders

Mini Poodles are excellent dogs that are great for families with kids and are easy to train as long as you are consistent.

In your search for a Mini Poodle, you will want to find an ethical breeder who takes good care of their puppies.

So, what is the best Mini Poodle breeder? Look for a breeder who treats their dogs like family and has testing done to ensure they’re healthy. Communicate openly with the breeder to ensure they and their puppies meet your expectations.

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