5 Best Poodle Breeders Australia (2024)

If you’re looking forward to adding a new family member, a Poodle is an excellent option. When choosing the best Poodle, you need to find a breeder who has invested time and effort to produce healthy puppies.

Common types of Poodles found in Australia include Toy, Miniature, and Standard Poodles. There are also mixed breeds like the Labradoodle, which is 50% Poodle and 50% Labrador Retriever.

best poodle breeders in australia

Poodles require plenty of attention, lots of playtime, regular grooming, and regular vet checkups throughout their lives. Fortunately for prospective Poodle parents, there are plenty of excellent Poodle breeders across Australia to choose from.

MYDRM Poodles Australia

This Gippsland-based Poodle breeder has been in operation for years; they are dedicated to producing healthy, happy Poodles. MYDRM considers Poodles’ temperament, conformation, and genetic attributes when selecting breeding stock.

Poodles sleep beside each other
The new puppies are sleeping beside each other. (Image: Instagram/@tawstandardpoodles)

MYDRM Poodles are calm, have a trainable temperament, and are free of genetic health problems, according to the breed standard. Puppies are well-proportioned and built with correct conformation as well.

By carefully selecting only the healthiest and most well-adjusted dogs, MYDRM produces high-quality Poodle puppies that are highly prized worldwide. MYDRM aims to breed puppies free of genetic defects like RD (renal dysplasia). Even though they have not yet bred out the disease, as they expected to do, MYDRM has achieved many milestones.

To contact MYDRM, fill out the form on their contact us page.

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Puppyspot Poodle Adoption

PuppySpot is a reputable dog marketplace where you can browse and find compatible puppies right from the comfort of your home. They have placed over 200,000 puppies into homes in the US!

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Sydney Toy Poodles

Sydney Toy Poodles is a breeding company with extensive knowledge and years of experience raising Poodles. At Sydney Toy Poodles, good nutrition and psychology are emphasized for raising healthy and well-adjusted puppies.

Toy Poodles held by owner
The Toy Poodle puppies held by owner in her arms.

The puppies have access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine and are raised on a semi-rural property. They are free to roam the property, improving their socializing skills and developing their full potential.

At Sydney Toy Poodles, the dogs are DNA-profiled to ensure against hereditary defects like blindness, deafness, poor teeth, and hip dysplasia. The company also microchips, deworms, and vet-checks all of its puppies before sending them to their new homes.

To contact Sydney Toy Poodles, call 0417 369 369 or reach out on Instagram at sydney.toypoodles.

Cavoodles and Poodles by Hellen

Cavoodles and Poodles by Hellen, also known as “CPH,” provides family-friendly Cavoodle puppies with a non-shedding, soft, and cuddly coat. In addition to Cavoodles, Hellen also breeds Toy Poodles.

Toy Poodle at the beach
Toy Poodle at the beach looks at the sea water. (Image: Instagram/@bambitoypoodle)

At CPH, Hellen goes to extra lengths to ensure the dogs are fed properly. They have regular vet checkups to ensure they are in good health. Hellen ensures that puppies are well-socialized by frequently taking them out in public.

These outings help the puppies feel comfortable around people and other animals.

You should note that Hellen does not run a puppy farm, and as such, CPH is not a puppy mill. It is a hobby breeder that only produces a few litters per year.

Cavoodle and Poodle Breeder Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0409 487 587

SunshineStar Poodles Australia

SunshineStar has bred quality Toy and Miniature Poodles since 1995. SunshineStar is located in Queensland; they started breeding Poodles in Kogan before moving to a 400-acre home in Jandowae in 2001.

red Miniature Poodle sits
A red Miniature Poodle sits on the floor. (Image: Instagram/@minimrmilo)

Because of their honesty policy, SunshineStar has served many satisfied customers who then refer potential clients, including their friends, families, and neighbors.

Like any other, the Poodle market has a wide range of demands. SunshineStar has consistently tried to improve its breeding stock to meet those demands. You can get a Poodle puppy in almost any color throughout the year.

All adult male dogs at SunshineStar have been DNA-tested for PRA (progressive retinal atrophy). Most females are also tested. SunshineStar is working on a program to use only dogs that have been DNA-tested for PRA.

SunshineStar Poodle Contact Details:

Telephone: (07) 4668 5792

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.robyngraphs.com.au 

How to Choose the Best Poodle Breeder in Australia?

When choosing a Poodle breeder in Australia, there are a few things you need to consider, such as:

two Toy Poodles outdoors
The two four weeks old Toy Poodles outdoors. (Image: Instagram/@rudy_the_red_toypoodle)

Experience of the Breeder

Make sure the breeder has enough experience working with Poodles. An experienced breeder should be capable of answering any questions you might have about having a new Poodle in your home. If you’re having problems with your Poodle, the breeder should take that journey with you until your relationship is compatible.

Location of the Breeder

The breeder’s location is important. Before buying a Poodle from a breeder, you need to visit the premises and see how the dogs are bred and raised. A reputable breeder will have nothing to hide and will be happy to show you around, but some breeders export their puppies.

Health of the Puppies

Ask the breeder about the puppies’ health and whether they have any genetic defects. A good breeder has a healthy warranty for the puppies they sell.

Cost of the Puppies

The price of a Poodle puppy varies depending on the dog’s size, color, and generation. Toy Poodles are usually less expensive than Miniature or Standard Poodles. Most breeders give buyers a price list upon contact.

Socialization of the Puppies

Poodle puppies must be well socialized in order to be comfortable around people and other animals. A good breeder will frequently take the puppies out so they can interact with people.

The bottom line is that when choosing a Poodle breeder in Australia, ensure you choose a reputable one who has experience breeding Poodles, has a health warranty for puppies, and socializes the puppies.

Tips for New Poodle Owners

If you’re thinking about getting a Poodle or you’ve just gotten one, here are some tips to help you out:

Mini Poodle stays outdoor
A Mini Poodle stays outdoor sitting on dried grass. (Image: Instagram/@stella.rose_minipoodle)
  • Poodles need grooming regularly, so it’s important to get them used to it at an early age. You can either take them to a professional groomer or do it yourself.
  • Poodles are brilliant dogs and need to be challenged mentally. Ensure that your Poodle has plenty of toys to play with and stimulate its mind with puzzle toys.
  • Poodles are active dogs and need plenty of exercise. They’re not the type of dogs that can be left alone in the backyard all day. Make sure to take them for walks or runs or to the dog park regularly.
  • Regular vet checks are a must for all dogs, including Poodles, as they’re prone to certain health conditions. Ensure that you take your Poodle for regular vet checks and complete its vaccinations in a timely manner.


Poodles are a popular dog breed in Australia, and there are many reputable breeders to choose from. It’s important to take your time and do your research before selecting a breeder. Poodles are intelligent, and you will enjoy having one as a pet.

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