6 Best Poodle Breeders in Ohio (2024 Update)

So, you’ve decided to adopt a Poodle puppy? What a great choice! This breed is one of the most intelligent dogs on the planet, and it’s a great family pet.

You’re in luck if you live in Ohio. The Buckeye State has an abundance of outstanding Poodle breeders.

best poodle breeders in ohio
Choosing the very best and most recommended Poodle breeders in Ohio

Let’s explore some of them here:

Simons Poodles Ohio

Are you hoping to adopt a Miniature or Toy Poodle in Ohio? Simons Poodles Ohio is a great option. This breeder is based in Fremont. It’s been around for more than 40 years, garnering an excellent reputation.

Simons Poodles is meticulous about the continued health and well-being of their puppies. This breeder is known for its one-year puppy health guarantee. Simons Poodles gives all its puppies three standard puppy shots before they’re adopted out.

The Poodle puppies here are also de-wormed before you bring them home. If you think you’ll want to breed your new Poodle puppy once it reaches maturity, you can buy breeding rights from Simons Poodles.

How much you pay for a puppy here varies. Reach out to the breeder for more information on this question. If you decide you want to have the breeder microchip your new puppy and even bring them to you, you can get these services for an extra charge.

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Contact Information for Simons Poodles Ohio:

Visit Website: Simons Poodles 

Email: [email protected]

Address: 3160 US-6, Fremont, Ohio 43420

Phone: (419) 547-9536

Gold Star Family Poodles OH

As a meticulous Poodle breeder, Gold Star Family Poodles focuses on the well-being and general health of its puppies. All the puppies at Gold Star Family Poodles OH grow up with a lot of time playing outdoors. That is because this establishment is located in the countryside, and the owners have several acres of land.

toy poodle puppy parti
A parti Toy Poodle puppy in the grass. A seriously TINY Poodle dog

Gold Star Family Poodles has been breeding Poodles for more than 15 years. They specialize in Standard Poodles, but they breed Goldendoodles, too. The puppies here are always well-socialized because of how they’re exposed to a family environment from the very beginning.

Like with other breeders, Gold Star Poodles puppy prices vary. Contact the breeder for information. The average price for puppies here is around $2,000.

The best way to make initial contact with Gold Star Poodles is by email.

Contact Information for Gold Star Family Poodles OH:

Visit Website: Gold Star Family Poodles

Email: [email protected]

Address: Northeastern Ohio

Phone: (330) 275-2581

Raspberry Woods Standard Poodles Ohio

Do you want a Standard Poodle with a unique look? Think about adopting a Poodle puppy with coat tints. Raspberry Woods breeds Poodles with apricot and red hues.

red poodle puppies
Happy red Poodle puppies

This is a family-owned and operated breeder, and the puppies get great human socialization from the beginning of their lives.

One of this breeder’s many strengths is how they attends to potty training fundamentals. In fact, Raspberry Woods Standard Poodles Ohio begins potty training four and a half weeks after the puppies are born.

The Poodle puppies here get used to grooming and bathing from early on. If you’ve ever tried to groom a dog that has never been groomed before, you know how valuable this will be. And of course, Raspberry Woods Standard Poodles Ohio does thorough genetic testing of all its breeding stock.

Ask this groomer which genetic conditions it tests for. They will give you a health guarantee which means if your puppy has any of these conditions, you’re covered.

Are you planning to breed your puppy when it’s an adult? Be aware you cannot do that unless you purchase breeding rights. If you don’t purchase breeding rights, you are obliged to neuter or spay your dog at the appropriate time.

Contact Information for Raspberry Woods Standard Poodles Ohio:

Visit Website: Raspberry Woods Standard Poodles

Email: [email protected]

Address: 20347 Church Road, Middle Point, Ohio 45863

Phone: (419) 968-2577

Standard Poodle Puppies by Raven OH

Standard Poodles Puppies by Raven OH is a home-based, family-owned breeder. Of course, they use AKC-registered breeding stock (the puppy parents). This Fredericksburg, Ohio breeder has a great reputation for being friendly and welcoming.

clean white poodle with pink leash
A spectacularly crisp white coated Poodle with a contrasting stylish pink leash

The puppies here are given all their shots, and you get a health guarantee with their adoption. And they are well-socialized in this breeder’s environment. One thing to keep in mind is that Standard Poodle docks puppy tails.

Check this breeder’s social media, namely Facebook, for information on current litters. Standard Poodle Puppies raises their pups attentively and affectionately.

Contact Information for Standard Poodle Puppies by Raven OH:

Visit Website: Standard Poodle Puppies by Raven OH

Phone: (330) 465-1826

Social: Facebook 

Address: Fredericksburg Road, Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627

Buckeye Doodles and Poodles

When it comes to making sure Poodle puppies are healthy and free of genetic diseases, Buckeye Doodles and Poodles are at the top of their game. This is also a great place to find a Poodle puppy with an outstanding temperament, making for the perfect family pet.

gray miniature poodle
A Mini Poodle (gray coat) standing in grass looking radiant

You just have to call or email Buckeye Doodles and Poodles to find out about their current and expected litters. This breeder is conscientious about how your puppy will feel after you adopt it. They provide the conditions to help it settle in quickly.

When you adopt a puppy, Buckeye will give you toys and even a blanket that carries your new pet’s mother’s scent. Bring these items into your home to make your new dog feel more secure.

Buckeye Doodles and Poodles carries out thorough genetic testing of breeding stock. This process makes sure that the Poodle parents won’t pass on genetic health conditions to the puppies.

Additionally, this breeder starts training its puppies from early in their lives. This includes beginning potty training. Buckeye even helps get your puppy used to leash training.

Contact Information for Buckeye Doodles and Poodles:

Visit Website: Buckeye Doodles

Email: [email protected]

Address: Chillicothe, Ohio

Phone: (740) 352-8254

Heavenly Poodles Ohio

If you’re looking for a Standard Poodle in Galloway, Ohio, Heavenly Poodles is an excellent choice. They give the puppies their first shots when they’re six weeks old. The puppies are also dewormed three times, when they’re a month old, six weeks old, and two months old.

poodl e puppy golden with ears
Look at the ear color change on this beautiful Poodle puppy!

They’re fully vaccinated, too.

Additionally, Heavenly Poodles Ohio’s puppies are fully vet checked. This happens when they’re six weeks old. Be aware that this breeder removes its puppies’ dew claws.

Heavenly Poodles Ohio has a procedure for safely transporting their Poodles. So if you don’t live in Ohio, you can still adopt a Poodle puppy from Heavenly Poodles.

Contact Information for Heavenly Poodles Ohio:

Visit Website: Heavenly Poodles

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1069 Amity Road, Galloway, Ohio 43119

Phone: (614) 419-1781

How to Choose a Poodle Puppy in Ohio?

The most important piece of advice is to adopt your puppy from a reputable breeder. All the Poodle breeders in Ohio I have listed here are excellent. Contact each of them to help you decide which one is best for you.

Make sure you know how to train your puppy before you adopt it. The breeders here will have started the training, but you will have to know how to complete it. Training is essential for a happy and well-adjusted dog.

Lastly, always stick with reputable breeders, avoiding potential puppy mills. Puppy mills are disreputable breeders that engage in unhealthy inbreeding.

Take your time and select the breeder that is right for you.

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