6 Best Poodle Breeders in Colorado (2024 Update)

Have you decided you want to make a Poodle a new family member? If you’re here, you probably have. If you live in Colorado, there are several Poodle breeders to choose from.

Begin your journey by finding the right breeder by taking a look at the information I’ve provided here. Let’s start our exploration of excellent Poodle breeders in Colorado.

best Poodle breeders in Colorado
Best Poodle Breeders in Colorado

1. Beauvoir Poodles

Without a doubt, Beauvoir Poodles is one of the best and most helpful Colorado Poodle breeders. It’s a great choice if you’ve never owned a Poodle before and want some extra guidance.

Toy Poodles held by owner
The Toy Poodle puppies held by owner in her arms.

This breeder has impressive expertise in the Poodle breed. They can give you all the information you need to groom and train your new Poodle puppy correctly. Ask Beauvoir Poodles for information on Poodle health, too.

As Poodle experts, Beauvoir Poodles know how to breed and raise healthy and happy Poodle puppies. Whether you want a Poodle as a family pet or a show dog, you can find the perfect puppy at Beauvoir Poodles.

The parent dogs at Beauvoir Poodles are champions certified by the American Kennel Club. All breeding stock are prize winners in show ring obedience. It gives you the best chance of having a Poodle with optimized intelligence and responsiveness.

Don’t hesitate to contact Beauvoir Poodles if you want to ask them anything about the breed or the puppy adoption process.

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Beauvoir Poodles breeds both Miniature and Standard Poodle puppies.

Contact Information for Beauvoir Poodles

Website: Beauvoir Poodles Colorado 

Address: Boulder, Colorado

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 720-291-6253

2. Waggin Tails Poodles

When it comes to family-owned and operated Poodle breeders, Waggin Tails Poodles is one of the most notable in Colorado. You’ll find it on a ranch, and this is wonderful for the parent dogs and puppies. After all, all the animals have plenty of space to run and exercise, which is vital to their health and happiness.

toy poodle puppy
An apprehensive (but super cute) Poodle puppy. Look at that coat color!

One of the advantages of a family-operated breeder is how well the puppies are socialized. At Waggin Tails Poodles, you know that your Poodle puppy has been socialized with people of various ages, including kids.

Waggin Tails Poodles has the expertise that lets them specialize in breeding and placing service dogs. But not all the puppies have this destiny, and you can adopt pet dogs here. However, the focus on service dogs means you know what kind of focus the breeders put on socialization and enrichment training from the very beginning.

As a reputable Poodle breeder, Waggin Tails Poodles makes sure all the puppies are adequately vet-checked before they’re adopted out. They also de-worm, vaccinate, and even microchip them. This added service will make life easier for you if you’re a new Poodle owner.

Be aware that Waggin Tails Poodles docks its puppies’ tails. They also remove the dewclaws. Check the breeder’s website to see which new puppies are available for adoption.

Waggin Tails Poodles breeds Standard Poodles.

Contact Information for Waggin Tails Poodles

Address: 13370 Palomino Drive, Calhan, Colorado 80808

Phone: 719-332-5290

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Waggin Tails Poodles 

3. Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles

Yet another excellent Colorado Poodle breeder is Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles. This breeder focuses on Standard Poodle breeding.

tan Poodle mini
A tan Mini Poodle is lying down on the carpet.

Health and temperament are at the forefront of this breeder’s focus. Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles focuses on dog health and intelligence. Of course, it produces beautiful dogs.

An advantage of Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles focuses a great deal on socializing its puppies. You can be sure your Poodle puppy will have spent time with young people.

Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles has expertise in training Poodles destined for careers as service dogs. Not just any breeder can do this. This experience means that Le Harrell’s knows how to socialize and train puppies from the very beginning for the best possible future.

From the beginning of each puppy’s life, Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles focuses on providing stimulation that makes them intelligent and healthy. Looking for information on the puppies Le Harrell’s currently has available?

One of Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles’ many strengths is the extensive information they provide on parent dogs. You can be sure that each parent dog has undergone testing for health conditions, especially ones that are passed on genetically. Healthy parent dogs are essential for healthy puppies.

This breeder’s testing on coat type and color also helps ensure your puppy will be what you expect. Check the website for information on litters that will be born soon. There are waiting lists that you can sign up on, so contact the breeder for more information on that.

Contact Information for Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles

Visit Website: Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles

Address: Falcon, Colorado

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 719-651-1358

Facebook: Le Harrell’s Standard Poodles

4. Grace Poodles

Like some of the other breeders we’ve listed here, Grace Poodles has successfully bred service dogs. It takes a high level of expertise in breeding for high levels of health, intelligence, and obedience.

two Toy Poodles outdoors
The two four weeks old Toy Poodles outdoors. (Image: Instagram/@rudy_the_red_toypoodle)

Grace Poodles gives all their puppies thorough veterinary checks before adoption as a reputable breeder. They begin their vaccination programs and de-worm them, too. Do you want to register your new Poodle puppy with the American Kennel Club?

You’ll appreciate how Grace Poodles offers you the registration application form.

Grace Poodles is so confident in the health of its puppies that it offers a one-year health guarantee. If you’re interested in adopting a Poodle puppy from Grace Poodles, visit the breeder’s website. You’ll find information about the puppies currently up for adoption.

You can even see genetic testing results for the breeding stock. Taking things to an even higher level is how you can check out video evidence of each puppy’s training program. Grace Poodles is extremely thorough, giving the puppies various kinds of training, including even clicker training.

Do you have a cat? You need a dog that will always be safe for your feline friend. Luckily, Grace Poodles does feline desensitization training with its puppies.

While Poodles are known for generally getting along with cats, you always have to be careful.

Contact Information for Grace Poodles

Visit Website: Grace Poodles

Address: 21320 Oak VW, Fountain, Colorado 80817

Phone: 719-822-8708

Facebook: Grace Poodles in Colorado

Instagram: GracePoodles

More Information on Poodle Breeders in Colorado

Thorough research and choosing a breeder with the features and services you need are most important. Always choose a reputable breeder that has been recognized by the American Kennel Association and that documents breeding stock and puppy health.

Poodles sleep beside each other
The new puppies are sleeping beside each other. (Image: Instagram/@tawstandardpoodles)

Whatever you do, never fall prey to a puppy mill. Puppy mills have cruel practices and produce unhealthy puppies, often with genetic conditions. Unethical inbreeding and its consequences are common at puppy mills.

All the Colorado Poodle breeders I’ve listed here are reputable. Go to each of their websites and contact the owners for more information. Never rush a puppy adoption.

It is an important decision, and you should take your time making it.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about some of the best Poodle breeders in Colorado. Have you decided to go ahead and make a Poodle puppy part of your family? Good for you!

This highly intelligent breed is the perfect family pet.

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